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May 5, 2017

The Australian Society of

JAS coverWelcome to our new site! After much work, we are proud to present our new homepage. Apart from up-to-date journal information and author guidelines, the homepage has streamlined navigation links and highlights our journal content.

We now have 3 posting tiers for each paper accepted by the Journal of Animal Science. First Look replaces Papers in Press, and gives a first look at an Accepted article shortly after acceptance. Just Published contains all accepted, edited articles in our traditional layout format, which provides rapid publication and better access to the newest research in animal science. All articles in Just Published are considered published and can be cited by their DOI. Articles are compiled into monthly issues under Current Issue, which contains all articles officially published in that particular month, including final page numbers.

Journal of Animal Science (JAS) is the premier journal for animal science and serves as the leading source of new knowledge and perspective in this area. JAS publishes more than 600 fully reviewed research articles, invited reviews, technical notes, and letters to the editor each year. Articles published in JAS encompass a broad range of research topics in animal production and fundamental aspects of genetics, nutrition, physiology, and preparation and utilization of animal products.

France: Foie Gras vs. Animal Welfare | European Journal
France: Foie Gras vs. Animal Welfare | European Journal
Profit from production - Buying and selling
Profit from production - Buying and selling

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