Drilling Waste Management Jobs

December 6, 2011


Well Engineering Manager / Kenya Fluids Advisor, East Africa Resources Nairobi

Interacts With:


• BU Well Eng Teams

• Development Projects Teams

• Engineering & Subsurface

• G&G




• Contractor Fluids Coordinator

• Contractor Fluids & SCE Engineers

• Other Technical Experts

• Industry Forums

• Partner Reps

Job Purpose:

Kenya field-based Drilling Fluids & Waste Management Supervisor; to assist with day-to-day field and well-site execution of drilling fluids programs and drilling wastes management. To assist in developing best practices and technical solutions to support Kenya Development activities.

Responsibilities You will have experience of working on onshore / offshore drilling operations using a variety of water-based and oil/synthetic-based drilling, workover and completion fluids, solids control and waste management applications. You will be expected to be conversant with all aspects related to executing, reporting and planning the drilling fluids package. You will be expected to supervise the ongoing and planned drilling waste-management initiatives. You will expected to make recommendations for improvements on all/any drilling fluid and waste management activities. This experience must have been in international locations working with and to international mud company standards.

Person Specification


Engineering degree or equivalent industry qualification preferred


• Ability to work under minimum supervision

• Land experience is essential

• Ability to measure, test and supervise the running of all drilling & completion fluids associated mixing and pumping, including technical analysis and specific product and practical recommendations for controlling fluid properties.

• Ability to maintain fluid properties on rig sites by testing all required fluid properties accurately.

• Ability to maintain accurate rig inventories and provide forecasts of chemical consumption. To deliver effective service by providing information regarding the progress of the well and create/implement solutions to rig site problems.

• To be fully familiar with Mud Company well-site software (OneTrax) and Microsoft Office to provide reports and recaps where required.

• To provide ongoing support to assist operations, and provide the effective and environmentally safe drilling fluids operations while optimizing the well-bore construction process.

• To supervise and oversee the waste management initiatives and personnel making recommendations as required, ensuring environmental compliance and full utilization of equipment.

• A working knowledge and/or understanding of the principles of rock mechanics and well bore stability issues is desirable.

Business Behaviours:

• Team player, able to lead a completions & testing team and work under own initiative; self-starter

Source: www.careersinafrica.com
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