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July 27, 2015

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Got out of there in Mc Farland, Wisconsin said: If you are an upper you'll get treated great. Limos to NFL games, etc. But if you actually WORK for a living, don't expect much. They have video cameras that they review daily to make sure you don't take too many bathroom breaks or to make sure you don't stand around for more than 30 seconds. There are so many openings because so many people don't want to put up with the horrible treatment of employees.

Ha! I just left a company that was just like this. The pinhead manager put cardreaders on all the doors to the shops so that you had to drop everything you were carrying just to get in and out. He even made his immediate department use a special entrance that he had TWO cameras put on it so that he could sit at his computer at his desk and watch who was coming and going, taking smoke breaks, etc. Don't work for idiots like this - life is too short!!

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- Was this comment helpful? / people who are treated like horse manure. They have the worst and most uneducated supervisory staff I have ever seen.

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Sounds quite typical

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- Was this comment helpful? / revolution where they only allow employees a total of 5 minutes a day to use the rest room unless they're on lunch or break. They make it nearly impossible to meet metrics so you don't bonus and always have big brother watching over your shoulder. It is a horrible place to work and don't get sick because they will yank your benefits and then your supervisor will never take your phone calls again. You won't know whether you still have a job or not. They discriminate toward caucasian women over 40 too.
Am I also understanding that there is a death expectancy in this typ of job? Seems to me the company makes extreamly good money if they can give thier managers great dinning & game tickets. Also the law of breaks is against the actual law rules (who does'nt know that?), I understand the keeping track as to employee's fulling around on the job, but the camera coming in & out is extream ( yes the comment of stealing trash is pretty damn funny!)and the manager sitting around on thier fat ... is waisting even more money. I would fire them all! Giving insentives to dedicated hard workers is an essential key. A happy employee is a more dedicated and harder worker who stays with thier company and brags thier company is a good one. What a bunch of fools! I hope the companies read this. Maybe I should start a Waste Management co. I Strongly beleave in treating people right.

- Was this comment helpful? / or doing personal stuff. The office was finally closed down when they lost both contracts with Cape Coral Fl and Lee County. The next time I worked for Waste Management was in Wixom Mi. I worked as a Data Entry Coordinator, what a huge change, the pay was spectacular, the benefits the same and as long as you were doing your job, they left you alone. I reluctantly had to leave when my family moved to back to Johnson City TN in April of 2010 I left in Oct 2010.

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