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March 11, 2022

Published 4:00 am, Saturday

Oakland's Residential Trash, Compost and Recycling Program for Single-Family Homes and 2-4 Unit Apartment Buildings is a three-cart program:

  • Burgundy cart - weekly trash, film plastics, plastic bags and other non-recyclable materials
  • The Single Family residential program also includes:
  • Oakland's Residential Recycling Program for Multi-Family buildings (5+ units) is a three-container program:

  • Compost – weekly food scraps, food-soiled paper and yard trimmings recycling
  • Recycling - weekly bottles, cans, jars, paper and cardboard recycling
  • Trash - weekly trash, film plastics, plastic bags and other non-recyclable materials
  • The Multi-Family residential program also includes:
  • Used motor oil and oil filters - weekly collection for recycling
  • Bulky pickup and recycling (household appliances and other bulky items)
  • Holiday tree recycling each January
  • How to Get Service:

  • Residential trash and compost are picked up once a week by Waste Management of Alameda County. Call (510) 613-8710 to subscribe to service or to request a cart.
  • Residential Recycling is picked up once a week by California Waste Solutions. They will be notified automatically when you set up your trash service.
    Call (510) OAKLAND (625-5263) to replace or request a cart.
  • To ensure pick-up, all carts should be placed on the curb by 6:00 am on your scheduled pick-up day, unless you have backyard service, or have a medical exemption.
  • (what happens when your service day is also a holiday)
  • Garbage Rates for Residences & Businesses

    More information about Oakland's Recycling Program:

    Holiday Collection Schedule

    There is no garbage, yard trimmings or recycling collection on New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day nor on Christmas Day. During weeks when these holidays fall on a weekday, pickup is one day later for the rest of the week, including Satursday. For example, if your regular service day is Tuesday service will occur on Wednesday, or if your regular service day is Friday service will occur on on Saturday.

    Garbage, recycling and yard trimmings collection schedules are not affected by any other holidays.

    Exclusive Franchise Agreement with Waste Management

    A number of Oakland businesses have raised questions about whom they may hire to provide solid waste collection and hauling services. In response to these inquiries, we are providing the following information about the City's solid waste ordinances and Waste Management of Alameda County's (WMAC) exclusive agreement for providing solid waste services in the City of Oakland.

    Pursuant to Section 8.28.060 of the Oakland Municipal Code (excerpt following) and WMAC's exclusive solid waste agreement with the City of Oakland, WMAC has the exclusive right and duty to collect, transport, and dispose of all residential and commercial solid waste in the City of Oakland. The only exceptions to WMAC's exclusive agreement are:

    1. The collection of waste resulting from gardening or landscaping work, or construction or demolition work; provided that the service is performed by the same contractor or directly loaded into a fixed body vehicle and hauled directly to a permitted transfer station or disposal facility.
    2. Source separated recyclable materials, which are, in fact, recycled; provided that
    3. Loads of mixed paper may contain no more than 10 percent by weight of non-recyclable material, and
    4. Loads of commingled recyclables other than mixed paper may not contain more than 5 percent by weight of non-recyclable materials.
    5. Animal waste and by-products of sewage treatment.
    6. Solid waste which is collected by City of Oakland crews.
    7. Solid waste hauled directly to a permitted transfer station or disposal facility by a person who is also the generator of the solid waste; and
    8. Recyclable materials that are donated to a youth, civic or charitable organization.

    All other solid waste is required to be collected and disposed of by WMAC, the City's exclusive solid waste service provider. Please note that violation of Section 8.28.060 of the City's Municipal Code is punishable by administrative citations of up to $750.00 for the first issuance, $1, 000.00 for the second issuance, and $1, 500.00 for all subsequent issuances for any violations occurring within a calendar year. In addition, the City and/or WMAC have other legal remedies available that may be used.

    Source: www2.oaklandnet.com
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