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September 6, 2014

Management Perception Surveys

The manuscript should be double-blind compatible, which means (i) the author(s) must remove explicit indications of the authors’ names and institutions, (ii) the author(s) must remove all acknowledgments, and (iii) the paper should be written in such a way that it does not surely reveal an author’s identity (e.g., “I extend the work in my dissertation (Norman 1995)” should be written in a neutral manner like “This work extends the research in Norman (1995)”). Proper attribution of prior work, especially work done by the authors, is a must and takes precedence over maintaining anonymity. Author names, institutions, and acknowledgments will be returned to the printed manuscript upon acceptance for publication.

Disclosure of Related Papers

It is the authors’ responsibility to notify the editor in writing whether their submitted manuscript, or any similar version of it, (i) has substantial overlap with any of their other manuscripts (e.g., prior publications, conference proceedings, book chapters, papers submitted to other journals), (ii) has appeared in or will appear in a non-refereed publication, conference proceeding, or book chapter; and/or (iii) was previously rejected by Management Science (and, if so, justification for resubmission is provided). When in doubt, authors should err on the side of additional disclosure, leaving to the editor to decide what is relevant or not.

Formatting and Page Limit Policy

Papers are judged based on their contribution relative to their length. As such, short papers are encouraged and will not automatically be labeled as “research notes.”

There is no page limit on initial (i.e., first-round) submissions. However, it is understood and expected that manuscripts will be written succinctly and with a directed purpose. Department Editors may reject an initial submission merely for excessive length. (Note that first-round submissions should have 1” margins, 11pt standard font, and at least 1.5 spacing.)

2014 Wealth Management Survey - Succession planning risks
2014 Wealth Management Survey - Succession planning risks
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2014 Wealth Management Survey - Issues for next-gens
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ARC Webinar: Energy Management Survey Results

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