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September 14, 2016

Augusta set to begin

Ever wonder what happens to your trash after Augusta Solid Waste picks it up? Because we’re concerned for your health and the well-being of the environment, we take it to our solid waste landfill that operates under strict federal and state regulations.

Today’s solid waste landfills aren’t the garbage dumps of the past. Landfills are carefully engineered facilities that are closely regulated and monitored to make certain they have the protections necessary to prevent contamination of groundwater, air and adjoining land. And even after a landfill reaches capacity and is closed, it continues to be monitored and cared for to ensure environmental safety.

Standard landfill management practices include collection and treatment of leachate – the water that passes through a landfill. In addition, the methane gas that is naturally produced from decomposing landfill waste is collected and can be converted into various forms of energy – including compressed natural gas, the alternative fuel that powers Augusta Solid Waste trucks. Currently, Augusta Solid Waste sells its methane to a company who uses it as a substitute for pipeline natural gas. To learn more about Augusta Solid Waste’s use of compressed natural gas click here for more information.

We’re also extending the life of landfills by reducing the amount of trash we place in them. Our recycling collection program keeps an increasing amount of solid waste out of landfills – returning it to production into new products. You can help us in this effort by separating recyclable material from your trash and placing it in the recycling cart we provide customers. Click here to learn more about our recycling program and to request your recycling cart.


The landfill is located at:


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