Anchorage Waste Management

May 25, 2023

Management in Anchorage

Help Conserve Resources & Reduce Landfill Waste!

Recycling takes used materials and turns them into new products to prevent waste, reduce consumption of raw materials, and reduce energy usage, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. It is a key component of waste management.

Want more information on how you can Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in Anchorage? View the latest guide to recycling:
Anchorage to Zero Waste: Your Guide to Zero Waste in Anchorage (20MB)

What’s in your bin? Common curbside recycling mistakes.

Plastic: Those recycling numbers just don’t tell us everything. Fruit containers and to go packages say PET #1, but they cannot be recycled in Anchorage. Only plastic #1 and #2 with a screw-top neck (bottles and jugs) can be included in your curbside bin. See the article below for more information.

Milk cartons and coffee cups: They’re made of paper and look recyclable, but the wax coating on these items makes them not recyclable. Want an alternative? Plastic milk jugs are recyclable and coffee mugs are a preferred alternative to those wasteful paper cups!

What’s the deal with plastic recycling?: Mary Fisher with ALPAR, answered the questions that are on many people’s minds in Recycling Plastics – Why so confusing?


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