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February 14, 2017

Trash Removal in Virginia

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SPSA contracts for Hurricane and other Disaster Debris Removal, Reduction, and Disposal along with procedures to activate the contract are available at

Disaster and Emergency Response

In the event of severe weather events or man-made disasters which could cause widespread damage, SPSA’s Board of Directors has adopted a response plan which reflects our unique relationship with our member communities and other customers.

Since SPSA’s primary mission is solid waste management and disposal, SPSA’s main objective during a disaster is to maintain this capability for the disposal of putrescible solid waste to the highest degree possible.

Once major streets and highways have been cleared and conditions permit, SPSA will resume normal waste disposal activities at the earliest possible time.

Description of Emergencies

Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, other natural weather events, and man-made disasters could strike this area causing widespread damage and an interruption of utility and other vital service after the disaster.


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