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November 24, 2015

1915, the Agricultural

Steve Searcy, Department HeadIf you paid attention to the language we used to describe our recent centennial activities, you will remember that we focused on preparing for our second century of education and service. Since the centennial year is completed, you might wonder what we are doing now. In a variety of ways, the department is in transition. One reason for change is our need to compete with all other engineering majors for entering students. Entering freshmen now enroll in the College of Engineering rather than specific majors, and are given…

Sonja Loy is a third generation Aggie and a senior in Biological and Agricultural Engineering. During high school she began to research her interests and realized she had a deep intense interest in water resources and agriculture which ultimately drew her to Biological and Agricultural Engineering.Student Spotlight - Sonja Loy This week, Sonja sat down and chatted a little about her experiences at Texas A&M and in the department. What drew you to Texas A&M? Sonja: As a third generation Aggie, Texas A&M and College Station have always been close to my…

Led by Dr. Binayak Mohanty, a multi-college (COALS, Geosciences, and Engineering) research team has successfully received a competitive capacity building grant ($1.35 million) from Texas A&M VPR – (Research Development Grant (RDF) for infrastructure development) to design and develop the new Texas Water Observatory (TWO) in the Brazos River corridor. This grant is among the 2 successful RDF proposals in the 1st round of competition during summer 2015. The primary goal of TWO is to better understand water, carbon, nutrient, and energy cycle from the upstream of Brazos…

In 2008, the Texas Cotton Ginners’ Association approached the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering to form a new type of internship program. This program would focus on bringing young college aged students in to the world of cotton ginning. In total, the program has matriculated 16 interns with no signs of slowing down. More information about this program can be found in the December 2015 edition of the Ginnery.

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