"Thank you. Indeed nice of you. Great care as though we are your guests"
- From a delegate about the Child Care service

"...I thought some of the sessions, especially the plenary sessions, were particularly brilliant, and the scale of the overall event was fantastic."
- Vinay Rao, Bang Design P Ltd.

"Wished a hostel experience, and got it back here at Mahanadhi. Hospitality and courtesy of contact point was extremely good. Lovely staying here."
- Sanjay Das Gupta, IITB '72

"Excellent arrangements and kudos to the organizers"
- Reynold Rajamani, IITM '66

"It is not easy to organize such a major event, and I think you did a great job. PanIIT 2008 was a terrific success!"
- Pradeep Rao, Infosys

"Good experience staying in hostel after 14 years. Rooms could have been a little cleaner!"
- Sunil P

This message board was put up at the Mahanadhi Hostel

"Great event and great thoughtful arrangements. Completely felt at home."
- Bharath V, IITM '98

"It was fun living in a hostel like the old times."
- Kamal, IITR '04

"Thanks for the gr8 arrangements. Felt like home."
- HG Patil, IITB '92

"I came to PanIIT conference to be a student after 42 years and I am so happy that I came. It was a wonderful experience right from check-in at Mahanadhi, to registration at Fitness Center, sessions at SAC, food at Himalaya, the fellowship and invigorating interactions with all age groups has all been truly wonderful."
- A Gouri Sankar, IITM '66

"A quick note of thanks for the pan IIT event. Fabulously organized - excellent panelists and speakers, good discussions, and great participation. Programs started and ended on time with few exceptions and logistics were good. All in all, very worthwhile."
- Nat Iyer

"Yes, on the whole it has been a good Conference. It will not be fair on my part to call it an extraordinarily well organized one. We could have taken care of a few things better."
- Prof Ravikumar Bhaskaran, IITM, and Session Chair in Education track.

"Thank you for organizing it so well."
- Raghuram Rajan, Plenary speaker

"Just wanted to thank you for the arrangements at PanIIT - they were impeccable and the volunteers (were) excellent."
- Jayant Haritsa, Panelist in Research track

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